APPEXIS.COM : Mobile APPS for Businesses!

Who We Are?

APPEXIS is SIOLEENO INV. CO LTD Branch, specializing in MOB APPS Development

What Platforms are the APPS built for?

iOS (APPLE iPhone/iPad/iPod) and ANDROID (GOOGLE)

What Features will the APP have?

We propose the creation of a FREE APP -which means users will install it on their devices at no cost- towards increasing your BRAND Awareness. This doesn’t mean we can’t build all kinds of Mobile Apps. The APP we’re proposing serves a double purpose: 1) To Inform Smartphones Users who belong to your “target audience” about your Business and what you offer. 2) To enhance Instant Interactivity with USERS Database through PUSH-NOTIFICATIONS triggering their interest about your suggestions and your Marketing Campaigns “Calls to Action”.

Who Submits the APP?

APP’s submission to the APPSTORES will be done by our Team and APP’s proper built, guarantees quick acceptance from Stores so it can run on their Platforms, distributed to their Users all over the world or just to your Target-Market/s.

Who Owns the APP?

APPLICATION is Yours. Being FREE, it will be published under our APPS Developer License. However, you will have all its files in your position and the ability to transfer it under your own APPS Developer License whenever you wish.

How Soon is it Built?

Within 10-25 Business Days, APP will be ready to be submitted to APPLE and GOOGLE Stores.

How Can We Collaborate?

Because we offer our Services Worldwide, our communication system’s structure is set to make personal contact obsolete. We’ll invite Client’s associates who’ll be delegated the responsibility to attend APP’s Marketing and Progress, to our ONLINE Projects Cooperation Dashboard and we’ll be in constant contact with them.

APP's Technical Support?

Our Team will take over Technical Support and their Responsiveness will be Immediate. Ongoing Technical Support will be available at no extra cost.

APP's Hosting?

Your APP will be hosted on our Server so it can send PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to the Users

APP's Maintenance?

Your APP’s Maintenance, including content’s curation, Push Notifications and updates, will be taken care of by our Team at a very low monthly fee.

APP's Marketing?

We offer INSTAGRAM Marketing Services including the creation of your INSTAGRAM Account’s profile, posts with material you will provide and gradual increase of targeted followship up to 20000 followers per year.

Further APP's Customization?

Your APP will be built EXCLUSIVELY for your Business and will be delivered complete and submitted to the APPSTORES. But if you want to make additions, modifications or expansions, our Programmers will handle all your customization needs and you’ll be quoted separately for extra Services.

Next Steps?

If you wish to delegate the creation of your MOBILE APPLICATION to us:

  • You email us ( with your request.
  • We send you a QUESTIONNAIRE to fill and submit, so we can understand your business’s priorities better
  • You fill and submit the Questionnaire
  • We send our Financial Offer along with APP’s DEMO
  • You accept it and send us your Invoicing Info.
  • We issue our Invoice and you deposit its value to our Company’s Bank Account.
  • We start building the APP. Upon its Completion and successful Submission to the APPSTORES, we give you its files along with suggestions on how you can maximize its monetization as well as your web and mobile-marketing effectiveness.